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August 2020

Jump Into the 4th Dimension For Manifestation

The Law of Attraction Stops, Chilly. I have been talking about the necessity to move from anger or fear to courage or love as possible, but this morning I had been inspired by a story of his father and a kid.

Fear is your ego’s base feeling. Think from the submarine movies of the ego for a sonar sensor. It is constantly sending out signals, looking for something to worry about. That is its job. It’s here to keep you safe on this space/time continuum. Stress will do that. This is the dimension.

The higher beings of light don’t want us to jump to a higher dimension till we rise above our egoic minds, where we’d be capable of instant manifesting. Look at what our fear has generated in our world. This could not be allowed to occur outside our planet, so we are kept in a controlled environment where we can’t do any harm.

This is the sense that during the Alter, some will make the choice to stay in the 3rd dimension with fear, hunger, struggle and warfare, whereas others are going to make the option. They will be aligned harmoniously into the 5th dimension where there is abundance and instant manifestation and ready to make the jump from the 4th Dimension. The Hopi demonstrate this choice point.

The Hopi’s call it the Diagram of Life. There are two parallel paths. Individuals who chose that path are depicted above their bodies with their heads — since they live in their minds in past and future, rather than aligned with the natural world that’s constantly in present time. This is the path of greed and fear. There is another path that is flat, even and strong. Those choosing this path are shown with abundant plants bodies. The choice point is shut. As they say,

In the 3rd dimension, we’ve experienced the heavy rigid, and uncomfortable feelings. Words like, never, always and should and could or shouldn’t and could not make sense. There’s the lag time that is talked about in the movie, The Secret. This lag time is essential to give us an opportunity to move to a higher vibration or condition. This is a time when we are on Law of Attraction training wheels.

“When earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, drought and famine will be the life of every day, the time will have then come for the return to the true path.”

Making the Jump into the 4th Dimension

You must raise your vibratory rate to something that’s in harmony with other 4th dimension beings if you have been looking for a way to jump into the 4th dimension where conscious manifesting is possible. You can select from lots of emotions or countries.

These conditions bring you into alignment with your higher mind which is always connected to Source. This is what makes it possible to instantly manifest.

What does this have to do with the story of the father and the son? This family had just lost both the wife-mother and the elder son in the year. Those two deaths put them. You vacillate naturally and powerfully between anger-fear and love-compassion. But do we all.